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There is supporting text, with varying amounts of information. I am intrigued by the differing formats of the images landscape, portait, squarewhy?

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For me this is the most important difference An ending without an ending… As Campbell says: This is my attempt to say goodbye to my Dad with the help of A country doctor photo essay camera Although her father has died she is was?

Dad Project Using the sources Campbell n. The images are in various formats: The point-of-view is often from below particular when Ceriani is with patients. The full text describing the experience is extensive. Similarities and differences We can see an number of similarities and differences between the two projects.

Single presentation format v. I then compared the two. Inafter a stint in the Navy, he was recruited by the hospital in Kremmling, and he and wife Bernetha, who was born in Colorado, settled into the rural town.

Country Doctor Using the source Cosgrove I see the following: Landscape, square and portrait. If I chose to tell the story of losing my dad I would be telling be our story; my dad and me — therefore it would be true. I had to take it This work that is operating at two levels: Eugene Smith spent 23 days in Kremmling, Colo.

If it seems soothing, it is because these children have seemingly found their hope, their strength, and the photograph associates itself with philosophical propaganda regarding darkness and light, which we often embrace because of its simplicity and romanticized beauty.

Form The series of 27 published and 9 unpublished images focus predominately on Ceriani. Subject The subject is primarily Campbells father who died of cancer inalthough Campbell herself plays a not insignificant role beyond that of the photographer.

This is the story of an ending without an ending. Maybe I would be liberated of the eternal and integral problem of the documentary photographer… Purely as a daughter, this was my first and last chance to work with my dad. What did I learn The main takeaways for me were: For Smith, however, it served as an image of departure.

Ceriani, his patients and his fellow tough, uncompromising Coloradans. She has continued to develop material up to, at least and published in a number of exhibitions. Honesty in photo-essays is essential How augmenting images by video and text can make them more powerful For analysis of images having a structure helps References Barrett, T.

I then tried to interpret and judge the two pieces of work. Make some notes in your learning log. Campbell subsequently produced a photobook and video as part MA and later this was published in the Guardian Weekend.

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Medium and Style as a means to structure my thoughts. If we relate to it, it is because it encompasses within it a very familiar human requisite: The portraiture is strong really making one feel what it might be like to be a doctor under those circumstances. Form Campbell initially presented the work as a series of images for her MA.

A departure from the horrors of war towards his dedication to the coverage of humanitarian activities which occupied his time and directed his photographic work for the rest of his life.

Ernest Ceriani as he went about this work and, in some cases, play. My interpretation and judgement I found this a very moving, honest and brave piece of work and we are the richer for the work.

The Photo Essay Excerpt from Time.His work includes classic photo essays such as Country Doctor, Minamata, and his magnum opus, Pittsburgh, a photo essay so large in scope that it still hasn’t been seen in its entirety. With every successive collection of photos, Smith pushed the form of the photo essay (and photography itself) to its very limits.

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“Country Doctor” was an instant classic when first published, establishing Smith as a master of the uniquely commanding young art form of the photo essay, and solidifying his stature as one of the most passionate and influential photojournalists of the 20th century.

The short story ‘a country doctor’ by Franz Kafka explores the challenges of a rural doctor. The story is set in a poor and undeveloped area, where the only doctor available is the one we read about.

Although he is ultimately qualified to deal with any situation, the doctor is faced by challenge after challenge; and frustration over frustration.

W. Eugene Smith | Country Doctor Dr. Ernest Ceriani takes care of all the people in the town of Kremmling and the miles surrounding it. Kremmling, Colorado, USA. Kremmling, Colorado, USA.

A country doctor photo essay
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