An introduction to the city of londons financial services and markets

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have seen and heard first-hand how Nigeria has so much going for it. Barclays Barclays ranks in the list of top ten financial institution of the world. Then there are the thousands of other employees who enable the whole enterprise to operate: We are home to about 1, fin tech firms helped by the fact that the Square Mile and the Tech City are only meters apart compared with 5, kilometres for their equivalents in the United States.

Similar instruments have already been used successfully in India and China. The City survived each wave of Victorian municipal reform. Or rather, we learnt that accountability was too important to be left to accountants. Working towards, helping to create, a lasting legacy of better business trusted by society.

The City of London has always been at the forefront of financing the African growth story, ever since when the first African company listed in London. It also sets base interest rates. Just yesterday I met with ambitious Nigerian start-ups like Riby, Flutterwave and Paga — if this is the face of the new Nigeria we can all be confident that the future is a bright one.

The combination of wealth, functioning democratic and legal institutions and an effective system of civic militias meant the Crown could never subordinate the City of London to its rule. But to ensure the opportunity is harnessed, the economic engine needs to shift up a gear or two.

And fifth and finally, to engage, discuss and promote my Mayoral programme — The Business of Trust - which aims to create a lasting legacy of better business, trusted by society.

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We can all recognise that since the global financial crisis, public trust in business and finance has been sharply eroded, both in the UK and throughout the world. Of course you have. Copyright The Financial Times Limited Some estimates suggest British shipping carried around 3.

Open Banking combines security, innovation and accessibility, underpinned by a strong regulatory framework. The list is long, and the knowledge of their staff is highly specialised. One of Lloyds less savoury specialities was insuring ships that engaged in the slave trade, at the time a huge multi-national business.

The Stuarts made two serious attempts at London reform.

And, internationally we are busy the world over. Whilst not forgetting the softer areas of health and education. The bowler hats and umbrellas of the Orange Orders derive from their sponsorship by the Corporation of London.

London's Financial Institutions: A Beginner's Guide

Perhaps the most exciting innovation in finance today is fin tech, which is changing the way we all access financial services. London Stock Exchange The first Royal Exchange was founded in the s by Thomas Gresham and opened by Queen Elizabeth I, but stockbrokers, even back then, were notoriously unmannerly and were banished to coffee shops to ply their trade, leaving the Exchange for respectable merchants.

Every now and again, some financial institution will threaten to flounce from the UK over regulation or whatnot. It is the cornerstone and fundamental foundation to trade. To convert the democratic reality from challenge to opportunity, the country needs to sustain some million jobs each year and, to achieve that, economic growth must rise from the current 2 per cent to at least per cent.

Even as Parliament displaced the Crown as the fundamental unit of sovereignty and democracy displaced the Divine Right of Kings as the principle of legitimacy, the state still refused to subordinate the Corporation of London to national laws and practices.

The City of London supported George Washington and provided funds and men for the cause. A good example is the Frankfurt based Deutsche Bank that employs more than 8, people in London. A very exciting development in fin tech as far as Nigeria is concerned is the Open Banking Initiative which was launched in the UK and has since gone global.

Instead of expanding and extending its democratic practices and legal protections to the new inhabitants living without civic status in the suburbs of Westminster, Clerkenwell, Whitechapel and Southwark, the City of London turned its back on London as a city.

This formed the basis of the Corporation of London and founded its position in the Ancient Constitution.

We have a rich history of collaboration and a joint desire to deepen this further. I believe that we have a responsibility — indeed a duty, to rebuild public trust so that people can regain confidence in our respective industries.

Engagement has begun with the City of London and key Nigerian institutions to develop the concept of a Jollof Bond.

Some banks, such as HSBC or RBS do both retail and investment, but the two sides of the company are pretty much separate entities in the way they operate. In fact, hardened London-dwellers will probably be familiar with more of it than they realise.

Whereas banks and brokers are traditionally found in the Square Mile and, in the past 20 years or so, Canary Wharf, hedge funds are often based in the posh bits of London like Mayfair, where they keep a pretty low profile.The City of London continues to maintain its position as a focal point for the world’s financial markets and is home to the UK’s Financial Services industry.

This entry level programme is designed for both new entrants into finance and those who new to the City and financial markets.

The City of London's Offer to Nigeria

It is the world’s leading exporter of financial services, it has the largest insurance sector in Europe, and hosts more than foreign banks -. How the City of London Works: An Introduction to Its Financial Markets by Clarke, William M.

and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at. The City of London's Financial Services and Markets 1.

The City of London’s financial Services and Markets: The City of London is one of the world’s three leading financial centres, along with Tokyo and New York, and is by far the largest in Europe. Let’s take a look at the main players in the financial markets and their place in the City of London.

London is one of the world’s three main financial centres –. The City of London is known for its invisible earnings, as a hub of financial services such as insurance, commodities trading and investment.

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An introduction to the city of londons financial services and markets
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