Compare the way a news story is presented in three different newspaper extracts essay

From both of these points, the two news articles seem to support Dr. This does position the reader to become more aware of the rebellion and take into account the human and structural casualties.

The Mirror is a tabloid, and the Guardian is a broadsheet, meaning that the Mirror is half the size of the Guardian. Though not necessary, it also positions the reader to take on a stance depending on the individuals nationality and more importantly, religion.

Personally I prefer the broadcasting media television over the print online. The Mirror and the Guardian are both very different in the ways that they have presented the article. The page looks good while not including a great deal of colour, giving it a professional, streamlined effect.

The media aspects of news and current affairs perform a crucial role in defining events globally and also in reinforcing a consensual viewpoint by elevating the public opinion. Channel 7 News, Friday 9th May, Sample Essays Despite the majority feeling that the news is not bias and belongs to a noble and revered institution, the news does embed false ideologies, stereotypes and values that are used to shape societies world views.

Each paper is aimed at different target audiences so they will cover certain aspects that would appeal more to their target audience. However technology has led to further advancement in domestic communication — such as the radio, television, computers and the Internet.

The effects that such a resultant had now rely more on the ability of consumers to pay in order for communicative activity to actually take place. The detailed definition and explanation of the term points out that social relations and the exercise of power play an impacting role in shifting cultural perspective in society — observing how the making and taking of meaning in productions are shaped at every level of social relations.

But most people have a particular paper which they prefer to read on a regular basis. Living in a consumer driven society, the news does not present the consumer with reality, only a certain perception of it and tells what the reader wishes to hear about the worlds events.

Compare the Two Newspaper Articles - Sample Essay

A 14 year old girl named Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head because she stood up for her beliefs; the right to education for girls. The allegation has already sparked speculation about possible successors: Corporations are dominating the industry to a point of moulding media productions to their interests and strategies.

Because of the distribution of power in society, some versions of reality have more influence than others, hence leading to structured variations in audience responses as highlighted by Golding and Murdock It is also worth considering the sizes of the newspapers.

For all the news knows, it could have accidentally been set a light by the government. It appears that in general it is men who you see reading the large broadsheet newspapers, and women reading the tabloids. This allowed the reader to understand the situation and the context on why this happened.

According to his analysis, the economic base of the organizations in which they are produced primarily determines the contents of the media and the meanings carried by their messages. This same story was covered by Fox News.

Different uses of discourse and factual discrepancies were present in a large number of articles. It is quite a light read — taking into consideration that it is concerning a somewhat political and depressing matter — as it has left out a fair amount of detail and lists only the most important facts.

If ever the public wanted to read more about it or find another view on the story, reading an article in the newspaper print or online would be beneficial and recommended. These are used to position the audience to view the text in a certain way.

The photo of him also depicts an old, frail and scared man with a painful expression. Also, the use of repetition affects the way the reader will accept or reject the article.

Also by the use of factual discrepancies that may exaggerate or soften the actual truth. The Channel 7 News story was significantly different to all the other news features. And regulatory functions extending to both the structure of media industries and the range of permissible public expression, for example in the usage of obscenities, portraying racial hatred and threatening the national security.

This process has in return brought about a rise in large corporations, which increasingly move towards privatization. However in the Guardian they tend to be longer, with more complex structures, and they go into more detail.

These processes will subsequently lead us to expand into the advantages and disadvantages of the critical political economy approach. Links to article and video: This video coverage really encourages viewers to react to such events and misconduct and want to take action.In my essay, I shall compare the way in which three news publications, The Mirror, an example of the popular press, The Times, an example of the quality press and Newsweek, an American publication reported the same incident.

Jun 09,  · In this lesson, students compare the news angle, information sources and construction of different news reports about the death of Al Qaeda’s leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. They then use what they have learned to analyze how various media outlets report on a different news story.

Compare the Two Newspaper Articles - Sample Essay Every day, newspapers around Britain have exactly the same major national news stories to report.

But most people have a particular paper which they prefer to read on a regular basis. Different lead The lead of newspaper and television news differs significantly from each other, but both were informative. BBC news about talks with Taliban was started with an overview of how bloody the war toward Taliban is, and how many people died and how much resource used to combat the war.

The Channel 7 News story was significantly different to all the other news features. Channel 7 put forward a compassionate point of view at the start of the feature but then moves on to announce apparent successors of the. In this essay I will compare the way a news story is presented in three different newspaper extracts.

Extract A is from ‘The Times’ on Tuesday 4th September, extract B is also from ‘The Times’ on Tuesday 4th September extract b is an editorial, extract c is from ‘The Guardian G-2’ on Friday 7th September extract c is a front page graphic.

Compare the way a news story is presented in three different newspaper extracts essay
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