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The lines may indicate that the poet does not truly perceive what Africa is; the constant use of demonstratives tells the reader that Africa Tree of Life is far removed from the female speaker.

Nonetheless, the poem ultimately communicates that the fight is worth it; the African mind must exercise both continental and state optimism and turn away from colonial resignation in the walk David diop socio-cultural and economic freedom.

This choral effect is also typical of apostrophic poetry which is usually a kind of invocation. For Diop, the repetition of vowel sounds enable him to make the beginning lines sound hoisted and spiritual. The answering female suggests that Mother Africa is not a burdened or super woman but a flourishing being, or rather, an ever-growing metaphysical tree which slowly renews itself, with the aid of a resourceful generation, after being hacked by colonial forces.

The parasitic flowering plant of white domination will see its end and the continent of Africa will David diop, unwavering, to bursting greatness.

Even the organization of speech sounds reinforce meaning as the lines move from monosyllables sweat, work to trisyllables slavery and disyllables children. The personal suffering of the mother is symbolic of the trepidation of the African continent, traumatized by colonial experiences.

The musical quality of the poem is additionally increased through assonance which is essential in a free verse poem. It almost gives us the sense that the earth itself is not a lifeless thing but is somehow alive. She additionally alters the way he envisions her, she assigns the image of redemption to a pomological entity where Africans are symbolic fruits that develop, adapt, diversify and evolve even while faced with threats to their ecosystem: His metaphorical body of work offers a depth of meaning and concludes with a message of hope, reminding Africans that they can rise above the colonial system.

The poem ends with interlaced rhymes and a rising cadence which gives a pleasing effect, indicating that the poem has finally arrived at a thoughtful and substantial conclusion.

This poetic male tradition is upheld through allegorical means where Africa is conceptualized as a mother to the Black populace born from her landscaped body. The representation of Africa as an animate female is a long standing colonial tradition; however, the damaging image is subverted to some extent in the poem.

It is through the struggle and hard work of black people that the encountering nations like France were able to reap the harvest financial, infrastructural profits and build domains.

Or the poet could simply be remembering his dead grandmother who he believes extols Africa from the distant, mystical land of the ancestors, only linked to the real world through a river journey.

Independence is often a goal achieved through sacrifice, coups, chaos and hard work. The ending lines are paradoxical as you would not associate liberty with bitterness, yet, a deeper truth is implied through the contrast: Some may argue that the persona addressing Mother Africa is displeased with her character which was once proud and resistant to western culture.

What Is the Poem

Her oppression is continuous and exemplified through parallelism with the run-on lines from which keeps the reader anticipating what comes next: Thus, Mother Africa is represented as a slave that was physically abused and exploited economically.

However, in a similar reading, I could add that Diop does not romanticize Mother Africa which would contradict the actual struggling, marginalized position of women in Africa.

Analysis of “Africa” by David Diop

The blood is not only representative of his familial ties to Africa but the cause of the people which pulses within him. The tempo of the lines eventually become slower as articulation becomes as leaden as the colonial transition of the African people.

Perhaps the distant river bank the grandmother sings on suggests the far-removed location of the African generation from its hallowed cultural source where it can never go back to. This adversely gives license to the stereotype of women as compliant towards domination.David Diop - Poet - Born inDavid Mandessi Diop only published one collection of poetry before his death inbut he has already established himself as an important man of letters in West Africa.

View the profiles of professionals named David Diop on LinkedIn. There are 20+ professionals named David Diop, who use LinkedIn. David Diop subscribed to a channel 11 months ago Austin Dunham - Channel.

videos; Austin Dunham of AD Workout - Official Youtube Chanel. Hey everyone, my name is Austin Dunham and welcome to. David Mandessi Diop (July 9, – August 29, ) was one of the most promising French West African poets known for his contribution to the Négritude literary movement.

His work reflects his anti-colonial stance and his hope for an independent Africa. David Diop David Mandessi Diop is a Poet from Senegal.() David Diop was one of the most promising French West African young poets, whose short career, however, ended in an air-crash off Dakar in /5(1).

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David diop
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