How to write a discrepancy letter

Stick to the facts and omit any embellishments. It may be that the borrower has an even that required a period of absence, such as a death in the family led to an extended bereavement from work. Ask the borrower to provide proof of residence through documents such as utility bill, etc.

There is no requirement to choose a particular method, even though a pre-populated form may speed up the process. Sample letter of explanation Keep these 3 things in mind as you write: The identifying information includes, among others, address information. Some lenders send a template with pre-populated information asking the borrower to complete and sign the letter.

Reviewing the Letter Consider the following as part of your review of the letter. The next day I saw my doctor, and she recommended I spend one more week at home before another check-up. June 14, car accident and salary discrepancy for June 14,I was in a car accident that resulted in a severe concussion and my vehicle being totaled.

Consult with your mortgage professional. Fraud Considerations Most address discrepancies are due to mundane reasons such as previous address, typos, and incorrect reporting to credit reports.

How has your situation changed, and what have you learned? Include any evidence that supports your claim: However, do not fill in the information for the borrower.

I found the late notice paid the bill immediately.

How to Write a Letter of Explanation for a Mortgage Lender

She was in the hospital with me. If you do not agree with an address being a place you have lived, then cross it out and provide a brief explanation such as "not my current or previous address". My manager recommended I go home and stay home until I was truly able to withstand full-time work.

However, the discrepancies may also be a red flag for potential identify theft or mortgage fraud; especially if the borrower is being evasive in providing clarifications or there is other documentation that seems to indicate the information provided by borrower is incorrect.

The lender may ask for additional information. Have them explain the address discrepancy. If you have any concerns then you may consider taking additional steps such as: After being released from the hospital, I rested at home an additional three days before attempting to go back to work.

I have experienced a very difficult year, but my wife and I have still managed to stay in great financial standing and have been fully insured on the medical and auto front. In that time I used up my remaining sick and vacation time at work.

Therefore, whenever there is a discrepancy in the current address of the borrower, the lender should make efforts to obtain the correct address and maintain customer correct address information in the customer records system and loan file.

Ensure all the addresses listed on the letter are correct. I am an accountant and spend all day examining figures on a computer screen, and it turned out to be too much after my concussion.

Why did it happen? Despite this setback and its overwhelming circumstances, I have always been in great standing with my credit, as evidenced by my credit score.Explanation Letter Sample for Discrep… Address Discrepancy Letter Price Discrepancy Letter Pay Discrepancy Letter 1 2 3 Related searches for letter to explanation discrepancy Letter of Explanation & Credit Issues | eHow › … › Money Managing › Credit & Debt Management Letter of Explanation & Credit Issues.

Ask if the letter is comprehensive and complete. If they suggest you include more supporting documentation, don’t fight it.

Sample Initial Notice of Balance Discrepancy

While writing your letter can be a tedious process, it will ensure you’re properly cared for. Sample letter of explanation. Keep these 3 things in mind as you write: 1. What happened?

2. Why did it happen? 3. Salary discrepancy sample letter.

I need to write and notarized a letter to my deceases father`s bank to close his account and proof of who i am? How to write a aurthorized email letter to the bank payment?

Sample complaint letter salary discrepancy. Employment Letters Index This is a sample Letter Noting Discrepancy. ABC LIMITED 3, Ranjith Das Street, CALCUTTA – Phone: – Notice Of Balance Discrepancy, Free sample and example letters.

Sample Letters for Notice Of Balance Discrepancy - iSampleLetter Cookies help us maximise your experience on our website. Address Discrepancy Letter is generally prepared by the processing department and sent to the borrower.

Some lenders send a template with pre-populated information asking the borrower to complete and sign the letter.

How to write a discrepancy letter
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