Media the fourth pillar of democracy

While the media has historically been viewed as being overly aggressive and insatiable in their plight for the latest and hottest news, their watchdog function is essential in a democratic society where people must know what their governments are doing. However, all is not lost.

Media… Fourth Pillar of Democracy

For any big breaking news of Scams, generally all documents are studied and verified by Editor level people. And yes my question was …is it just news the role of media and journalism or analytical awareness and opinion education? For example, while the media has to sound impartial while delivering the news, it has the added responsibility of "moral conditioning" of the public.

Independence and freedom of the media is ensured by the fundamental right to freedom of speech for every individual. We cannot afterall have Supreme court judges as journalists, Media the fourth pillar of democracy can we? If the sample population has a skewed sex-ratio, the media not only has to inform the public of the latest figures from the Census, but also to impress upon the public, the ramifications of such a situation in the future.

The perfect blend of technology and media has left no stone unturned in unearthing corruption and politics in our society. No other Rajput family or dalit family of village is involved in this rivalry and they deny presence of caste based violence. Especially Corporate forces are manipulating media.

All that is needed is effective implementation without any prejudice or political calculations by the government in the said implementation. The constructive criticism of Education system by media has forced positive Change in system.

Media: The Fourth pillar of democracy

Way of reporting same news by different channel will tell the side to which they are biased. He is very humble and down to earth person. In a hurry to be a first in news they fail to check authenticity of news, or worse, attribute news to a internal sources.

It is prudent of us to at least be aware of the functioning of media, and make informed decisions in the future based on their analyses, not only for our own sake, but for the sake of the millions who are too busy scraping for their lives to have the luxury to ponder on such matters.

And if they are not getting exposure from new writers, how common writers and people feel interested in them. My questions are- Since Many years, we are seeing Criminalization of Politics by all parties.

It is not a question of whether the government relents; it is a question of when the government relents. My question is Do media and media persons have some type of Ethics in presenting information?

Why India is still following same rules against Pakistan? Media is a hope that as the fourth pillar of state, it will act as a pillar of democracy for as long as the present political, economic and social structures are moving in the right direction.Media has four basic responsibilities as the fourth pillar of democracy.


Media as a Fourth Pillar of Democracy

It should tell the truth. 2.

Will social media replace traditional media as democracy’s fourth pillar?

It should be unbiased. 3. It should not act to spread propaganda. 4. Moral conditiong of mass. Current situation.

Freedom of the Press: Fourth Pillar of Democracy – Closing of Semanario Clave and Clave Digital

It fails on every aspects. 1. Analysing fourth pillar of democracy. by lalitsharma / Media / 28 Nov Indian democracy is not based on separation of power but based on cooperative working. This was done to ensure check and balances.

But little is debated about effectiveness of 4th pillar of democracy – the media. Originally Answered: If the fourth pillar of democracy is media, then what are the other three? Legislature, Executive and Judiciary In earlier times King is the nucleus of state and hence all these constituent are embedded In him.

Nov 30,  · The fourth pillar of democracy – Media – absolutely vital to deepen democracy and evolve a secular society.

Media plays a vital role in informing public, molding public opinion, influencing opinion makers and leaders of society. Jan 21,  · Media is called fourth pillar of democracy.

Analysing fourth pillar of democracy

AS survival of serious patient is in hand of doctors same way society’s life is in hands of Media. Media is not only an industry for earning money but it has a social responsibility of society as. That the media is indeed the fourth pillar of democracy is established even more whenever a popular movement rises in the country.

This is when the media both thrives on and feeds into the popular movement.

Media the fourth pillar of democracy
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