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In December Yoritomo took up residence in his Rokuhara mansion at the capital, the former headquarters of the Taira clan.

After establishing his shogunate, Yoritomo moved his wife, Hojo Masako, and her family to their new home on Mount Okura in Kamakura. Yoritomo left two sons to fill his role as shogun, neither of whom were up to the challenge. In the end he triumphed over his rival cousins, who sought to steal from him control of the clan, and over the Taira, who suffered a terrible defeat at the Battle of Dan-no-ura in Nonetheless, Yoritomo was well protected in Kamakura.

Although the ultimate right to posts in the provinces or estates and income from them derived from the Heian-kyo court, Yoritomo became directly responsible for the protection of many of minamoto no yoritomo essay writer posts and appointments to some of them.

The shugo also administered the judicial proceedings in cases of rebellion and murder, and they thus acquired something of a military hold over each province. He was defeated, however, and his son Yoritomo was captured and banished to Izu province a peninsula southwest of Tokyo, now part of Shizuoka prefecturewhere for 20 years he lived under Taira surveillance.

Waste no more time! This practice was known as insei. Objectives 1 and 2 Here are some of the causes of the Russian Revolution in March He wanted power and was jealous, suspicious, and cold-hearted, even in his own circle.

Meanwhile Taira Kiyomorithe head of the Taira clan, exercised his power over the imperial court, thus alienating Go-Shirakawathe retired emperor.

Yoritomo took part in this, especially after things escalated between the Taira and Minamoto after the death of Minamoto no Yorimasa and Prince Mochihito himself.

Shogun Minamoto Yoritomo Essay

The origins of the word is uncertain but the term came from Scalway, a district in Sheton Island, where small cattle lived.

A character named "Yoritomo" appears in Book 6: Russia, Assignment A: He moved swiftly to solidify his position by eliminating his enemies, actual and potential alike.

Yoritomo died in On September 2, Tokimasa sprang his trap. On December 23,more than thirteen years after the Taira clan suffered near annihilation, Rokudai Gozen was brought to Kamakura to face the wrath of Minamoto Yoritomo, who ordered him beheaded and buried on the bank of the Tagoe River in Sagami.

Soon after, Yoritomo succeeded in having Yoshitsune put to death. His eldest son, Yoriie succeeded him as head of the Kamakura shogunate and married a woman from the powerful Hiki family.

The Taira took Emperor Antoku with them. This form of government rule has been referred to as "centralized feudalism. The Kamakura shogunate was now formally complete.

See Article History Minamoto Yoritomo, bornJapan—died February 9,Kamakurafounder of the bakufu, or shogunatea system whereby feudal lords ruled Japan for years. Thus, Yoritomo was able to establish direct administrative control over most of Japan and create numerous small, but effective, provincial armies.

One of his brothers-in-law was Ashikaga Yoshikane. Minamoto Yoritomo established the capital of his new military government in familiar surroundings at his home town of Kamakura, the former small fishing village on the western extent of the Kanto Plain once governed by his great grandfather.

Thus a feudal state was now organized in Kamakura while Kyoto was relegated to the role of "national ceremony and ritual".

In DecemberGo-Shirakawa granted Yoritomo the authority to collect the commissariat tax the hyoro-mai or levy contribution of rice and to appoint stewards jito and constables shugo.

Korean monarchs sought legitimacy by gaining approval from the Chinese emperor. With the personal loyalty of some two thousand scattered families, including the Hojo, Hiki, Miura, Wada, Hatakeyama, Kajiwara, Adachi, and Chiba, Minamoto Yoritomo was able to appoint his vassals to estates where they had not been before.

Thus, Yoritomo could reward his vassals with new appointments in the estates and provincial governments under his control.Oct 21,  · Best Shogun Essays Minamoto No Yoritomo The First Shogun Preston Holley October 21, 6th Period Juror – Minamoto no Yoritomo Minamoto no Yoritomo: The First Shogun In ancient japan, political struggles for power between the Taira Clan and the Minamoto Clan caused many conflicts.

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Minamoto no Yoritomo

Minamoto Yoritomo: Minamoto Yoritomo, founder of the bakufu, or shogunate, a system whereby feudal lords ruled Japan for years. He craved power and was ruthless, even in his own circle, but once in power, he proved an excellent administrator.

He ushered in the Kamakura Period, which saw the rise of the warrior class in Japan. Minamoto no Yoritomo Eiji Yoshikawa, historical fiction writer; Battle of Hojuji; Notes References. Mass, Jeffrey P. (). Yoritomo and the Founding of the First Bakufu: the Origins of Dual Government in Japan.

Minamoto Yoritomo

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As you read both the following essay and the text chapter it is designed to accompany, be sure to pay special attention to the following ID and Larger Study topics. Minamoto no Yoritomo: the Byzantine Empire.

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Byzantine missionaries also brought the Russians a writing system (Cyrillic, developed to write down the sounds of slavic.

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