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We might as well of hired movers with a truck. Again, we were trying to save money on our move. He assured us they would be there Saturday morning at 9am to help us move.

Moving Help Center

The other 2 helpers continued on with me. Like I mentioned, we just needed a couple of guys to carry our furniture and boxes for us.

And to provide such subpar customer service is unforgivable. I moved from Milwaukee, WI.

Being the guy was leaving no matter what and I needed to get things done, I said fine. This company is non-responsive and so unhelpful.

After an hour of having them help, the person that was apparently in charge informed me that his "buddy" had to be to work and so he had to leave.

After we booked the movers, we got a confirmation call a couple of hours later. The guy told us that they work through a lot of different sites, Moving Help Center is one of the cheaper ones they work with.

This company is not worth it. I am happy we took a chance. I said that I was informed by Moving help reviews helpers that they were only scheduled for 2 hours.

They were not uniformed or anything, but they did have their own moving equipment. We went to Craigslist after trying to find cheap movers online and not having any luck. Mar 04, Local move within Texas We recently moved in Dallas. I requested 3 moving helpers for 3 hours through their website.

I checked my statement for charges a day or two later and noticed that I was charged for the full 3 helpers and 3 hours. They worked quickly and when the 2 hours were up they left.

Sure enough, Saturday morning around 8, he called to make sure we were ready. We had our doubts, but, we also had very little other options. The man who called sounded really professional.

He checked his phone and told me that he was only told that they were supposed to be there for 2 hours. I was glad we decided to check Craigslist.

I was not impressed but I could make do. The company that they contracted the job to is even worse. They were actually a company we saw listed on another site who was charging more for their services. I thought it was only going to take two hours, but it took three.

Two weeks after I initially entered the request, I submitted another statement asking for an update.Moving Help Center and are two separate companies - neither have anything to do with each other.

I hired services through Moving Help Center ( and had no issues. I paid a deposit online, the movers came and did what was expected, then I paid the rest DIRECTLY to 2/5(7).

Uhaul Moving HELP Complaint Review: Uhaul Moving HELP Uhaul Moving has not paid me for moving services my company has completed, and refuses to return our calls, Internet. Need movers to load your truck?

Hire helpers from our program to help you with your moving labor needs. Reserve a team online today, pay the rest on moving day!

Smart, easy & safe way to hire moving help online. Moving Help reviews: doesn't stand behind customers or movers. Moving Help - Stole money from me.

Moving Help Reviews and Complaints

Moving Help - Stole money from me. Contract with company that have mover that will steal from you. I Wouldn't recommend Rigos Moving Co.

Paid for Service & Never Received it-Fraud!/5(86). Search - Read customer reviews and compare prices for moving services. All local mover prices are displayed so there are no hidden costs or fees to you. All local mover prices are displayed so there are no hidden costs or fees to you.

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Moving help reviews
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