My favourite toy barbie doll

It is necessary for me! Turquoise pants with black side stitching. Shows mean meetings with people united by one love for dolls. This requires special techniques while working with porcelain parts and soft doll bodies.

String and red bead bracelet attached to right wrist. Pink rose with stem attached to right hand.

The theme of old dolls simply had me. Cyan blue "shaver" attached to right hand. The language barrier, a lot of problems with porcelain, and no one can be asked to cover the topic. Silver plastic smart phone. Rolled paper "Diploma", wrapped with red ribbon in left hand.

The exhibition will show whether you take the right direction in your work. Picture Ken Basics 2. Gray capri length pants with turquoise stitching detail. It was a beginning of the doll story.

Perhaps it is time to stop and think about changes and improvements Tuxedo fashion with one piece charcoal gray pants and attached white shirt with silver thread detail and attached hot pink bow tie, black jacket with charcoal gray peak lapel, black lace-up shoes.

I do not make sketches in the process, do not plan images, because it is more interesting for me to let them happen.

Forty-five years later, ken is still an adorable, all-American doll! Faux cork sandals with red strap.

I dream about an old toy shop, small and cosy where you can stay and feel yourself fully caught by its atmosphere. Khaki color trench coat. I like its atmosphere which is friendly, cosy, just hearty and family.

I like to look at other artists, to see how they changed and become more skilled. And then the Internet appeared, and I suddenly saw that a lot of people are engaged in doll making. Black with white sole laceless sneakers.

Denim pants with rolled cuff. I try not to "stand still," there is always something to think about and improve. I think that everyone can achieve sufficient results only with full dedication to the things he loves.Vladlena – Preili, Latvia. Member of the Art dolls section of the Creative Union of Russian Artists. Professional Doll Makers Art Guild (PDMAG). Picture: Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses Prince Derek Doll.

M#: J BD: HC: Rooted Auburn/Brunette.C: Rust felt knickers. Dark gray tunic with copper/silver appliqué design with rust "velvet" Nehru collar, fringe epaulets and bottom, with copper thread design down middle front and on cuffs.

My favourite toy barbie doll
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