Proximal femoral nailing thesis

Subtrochanteric fractures of the femur: Two of which were treated by implant removal and repeat DHS application with bone grafting. Ender nailing for peritrochanteric fractures of the femur: In one case, iatrogenic fracture of the lateral cortex of the proximal fragment was noted, which was minimally displaced.

Wound healed without the need for any further intervention. The average duration of follow up was 15 months ranging from 5 Proximal femoral nailing thesis 26 months, of which 2 patients were lost to follow up, one in DHS series and other in PFN series.

No intervention was done for that fracture. How to Cite this Article: Chapter 18, 3rd EditionCharles A. The Biology of fracture healing in long bones. Fractures in adults, ed 2, Philadelphia,JB Lippincott. Baumgartner and Thomas F.

Manual of internal fixation: Out of the 50 patients, 48 patients were available for follow-up. Fractures and dislocations of the hip. Belg, ; 60 ; Harper MC, Walsh T: Comparison of Ender nails, dynamic hip screws, and Gamma nails in the treatment of peritrochanteric femoral fractures, Orthopaedics July Volume 23 - Issue 6 - pp The average amount of blood loss was Surgery was performed on average of 3 days with a range of days.

There were no Type I pattern of fractures in our study.

In our DHS series, we had a case of wound infection at the operative site which required intravenous antibiotics for a period of 3 weeks. JBJS Br ; 60; In PFN series, out of the 26 cases, 10 cases showed union at 12 weeks, 7 cases showed union at 14 weeks duration, 4 cases showed union at 18 weeks duration.

Study comparing the advantages of proximal femoral nail over Dynamic hip screw among patients with subtrochanteric fractures. Out of the 50 patients, 26 of them underwent fixation with Proximal Femoral nailing and rest 24 of them were treated with DHS irrespective of their fracture pattern.

We had difficulty in reduction of the fracture in this patient, so the fracture site had to be opened up for reduction. Dynamische und statische Verriegelund des Marknagels, Mschr Unfallheilk In DHS series, out of the 24 cases, 8 cases showed union at 12 weeks duration, 6 cases showed union at 14 weeks duration, 3 cases showed union at 18 weeks duration.Comparitive Study between Proximal Femoral Nailing and Dynamic Hip Screw in Intertrochanteric Fracture of Femur.

treated by either DHS or intramedullary de. For Intramedullary Fixation of Proximal Femoral Fractures or just proximal to, Proximal Femoral Nailing System Surgical Technique DePuy Synthes 11 5.

introduction 1 comparative study between dynamic hip screw and proximal femoral nail in the management of trochanteric and subtrochanteric femoral fractures. of them underwent fixation with Proximal Femoral nailing and required dynamization which were followed up till 36 Journal of Medical Thesis | Volume 2.

fractures and their management with Proximal Femoral Nailing in 70 cases. Results Of Proximal Femoral Nail In Intertrochanteric Fracture Of Femur. Proximal Femoral Nailing: Technical Difficulties and Results in Trochanteric Fractures ing and allows less collapse for a stable medial configu.

Proximal femoral nailing thesis
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