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GA 3 ppmIAA ppm and NAA ppm when sprayed at leaf stage in cucurbitsthen they have been found to increase the number of female flowers. Auxins inhibit abscission, as they prevent the formation of abscission layer.


It inhibits seed germination and development. Whereas, GA 3 ppmsilver nitrate ppm and Silver thiosulphate ppm sprayed at leaf stage induces male flower production in cucurbits. Hence, increases the storage life of the produce. Used as weedicide PowerPoint Presentation: Seed Dormancy Seed Dormancy is the main problem in potato where freshly harvested tubers fail to sprout before the termination of rest period.

In tomato, higher germination with GA 3 at 0. Functions of Cytokinins Ethylene: Synthesis of ethylene is inhibited by carbon dioxide and requires oxygen. These are generally produced by the growing apex of stem and roots of the plants.

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Responsible for closing stomata during drought conditions, hence acts as plant stress hormone. Stem elongation PowerPoint Presentation: It induces ripening of fruits.

Pinching of terminal bud stops flow of Auxins down the stem and allows side shoots to develop. They move down towards shaded side of the stem and cause cells to elongate. An organic compound, Can be natural or synthetic, It modifies or controls one or more specific physiological processes within a plant but the sites of action and production are different.

ABA also plays important role in controlling stomata opening and closing. Functions of Auxins 1. Ethylene Ethylene is a colourless gaseous hormone Found in ripening fruits, flowers and leaves and nodes of stem.

Promotes cell division, cell enlargement and cell differentiation used in tissue culture. Auxins induces parthenocarpy i. Less is the light intensity more will be internode length and vice versa. Foliar spray of NAA and 2, 4 - D induces flowering in many crop plants.

They are synthesized in root apex, endosperm of seeds, young fruits, where cell division takes place continuously. Involved with leaf and fruit abscission fall. Phototropism Auxins are responsible for plants bending towards light. Inhibition of abscission layer PowerPoint Presentation: Sex Expression The treatment with growth regulators has been found to change sex expression in cucurbits, okra and pepper.

Gibberellins Second most important growth Hormone. Gibberellins cause internodes to stretch in relation to light intensity. It induces dormancy of buds and seeds as opposed to Gibberellins, which breaks dormancy. Storage Auxins such as NAA is used to prevent the sprouting of potato tubers.

Flowering Induction of flowering in plants which otherwise fail to flower has also been reported with the use of various plant growth regulators. More than 60 types of Gibberellins are known today.

GA 3 is used to break the seed dormancy of freshly harvested seeds in many vegetable crops such as potato and lettuce. It was first isolated from human urine.Assessing Plant Performance for Energy Savings A commitment to continuous improvement Embraced an approach that integrates energy management across all aspects of the business Management systems in place A system to regularly assess and track energy performance Measurable performance goals An effective reward system.

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It was developed to help individuals. Plant Growth Regulators Market Research Report - Global Plant Growth Regulators Market Research Report provides a complete data analysis with Market value, Sales, Price, Industry Analysis and Forecast with the help of Industry Experts.

| PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view. Comparison of Open-pollinated and Hybrid Onion Varieties for New Mexico Christopher S.

Cramer1 ever, the plant and bulb characteristics of hybrid varieties did not exceed the of open-pollinated and hybrid onion varieties for this study.

The author gratefully acknowledges technical. Presentation Description.

Plant growth regulators are grouped into 2 main types: 1. Growth promoters have a positive effect on a process and thus promote it, these are A.) Auxin B.) Gibberellins C.) Cytokinenins 2.

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Royale business presentation hybrid plant
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