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The nudes interact and intertwine with their surrounding landscape.

Norton Simon Museum

However, for this blind man, he is portrayed as smart, with nice lobes. Both expressionists also differ when it comes to the form of the figures and their surrounding landscape. This is a pure demonstration of a section in society leading a life that not many can live in an industrialized country, living in corridors.

More essays like this: The intention was championing for cubism, painting the arts on tablecloths and cups, among others for decoration. On both paintings, if someone in the environment stroked either David or the blind man, the probability of no reaction is high.

The interesting part is that in both, neither the dominating or dominated objects seem aware that they are subject to scrutiny.

When an artist does some painting or sculpture work, there is a message they are trying to pass across. There is every bit of humility indications from the picture. There is more to a painting or drawing than meets the eye.

For one to understand the message of any artwork, it is important that they pay attention to the finest of details about the art.

The strokes are curved, flowing, and overlap. This is indicative of the spiritual backing of the historic heroism of David for the Israelites.

The blossoming oranges and the cup of water are said to pay homage to the purity of the Virgin. For instance, the backgrounds and the colors of the two analyzed pieces here give a great message beyond the death of Goliath and a blind man touching a crafted piece.

The painting shows the yellow citrons and oranges as the fruits. Both works are oil paintings on canvas and similarly sized. Both arts are paintings, but with different messages. One striking difference between these two paintings is the concept of texture, and how paint is applied.

The latter, The Sense of Touch, is a piece that demonstrates the values of sculptures, another form of artistry. These artists, both born inwere part of the same German Expressionist movement, but belonged to different schools of the movement.

Be it the frame, the colors used, the background of the painting or even the characters. Raphael uses geometry, color and characters to pass across the message. There is uniqueness about every element that goes down to contributing to the message.

This is an illustration of blindness, an environment where one can barely see anything. The child is presumed to contemplate what awaits it in the journey to the redemption of man. As much as they bear similarities, contrasts are in plenty too.

It was not easy for some to understand why one could be leading such a life at a time of such great industrial growth, with so many resources in the country.

Marc uses light pastel colors with a lot of white. France was a developed nation by the time of this painting inbut some people had been left behind by the highly industrialized nation. The figures just seem to be placed in the environment without interaction. This is because their attention is purely spared for the activity they are undertaking right at that moment.

Also, the latter combines the tactics of painting for the whole drawing, and the chisel work for the sculpture. The fact that the vase is earthenware makes the possibility of watering the flowers to fruition.

However, it is only through practice that this can be justified. There is no realistic sense of scale between the characters and their surroundings, which is emphasized by the irrational curve of the horizon. The artists work focused the concentration of the objects to their subjects, rather than giving them a gaze of the surroundings.

Although inspired by many, I chose to analyze two works with very similar subject matter, by two German Expressionist artists. The surrounding landscape is very farcical, with a very free flowing, intertwining form. The work by Marc was completed inthree years prior to the piece by Kirchner, which he completed in NORTON SIMON MUSEUM Last Sunday, I went to field trip to the Norton Simon Museum.

It is my first visit museum in The U.S., so I expected. I took my friend. Norton Simon Museum Essays: OverNorton Simon Museum Essays, Norton Simon Museum Term Papers, Norton Simon Museum Research Paper, Book Reports.

The Norton Simon Museum Essay Sample

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Free Essay: A Day at the Norton Simon Museum It was the day of April 13, I woke up at exactly 12 o’clock because my boyfriend was to pick me up at 1.

One of the Greatest Private Collections of In October of that year, the name of the institution changed to the Norton Simon Museum of Art at Pasadena.

Simon stated that while a Museum should be a place in which major art is constantly on view; it should also be used for teaching, seeing, and for formal and informal education. The Norton Simon Museum Essay Sample.

My recent visit to the Norton Simon Museum was very different than any previous experience I have had with modern art.

The Norton Simon Museum of Art essay

With only a semester’s worth of knowledge under my belt, I was most definitely in awe, and thoroughly entertained, to say the least.

The norton simon museum essay
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