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He also introduced a central bureaucracy with a legal framework and unified rules and regulations. Seven years after her death, her prophecy of French independence came true.

Boudicca 1st Century Led British citizens in revolt against the Roman occupation. He was elected the first President of Democratic South Africa in Saladin — led the United Arab armies in Islamic opposition to Christian crusades.

Martin Luther King — Non-violent civil rights leader. She was a conviction politician, unafraid to speak her mind and pursue her own ideology.

Jun 14, "Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt, to offer a solution everybody can understand.

However, Caesar oversaw the fall of the Roman Republic and the rise of the age of the Roman Emperors. He went on to become President of the US Walesa became the first non-Communist President in These qualities included the ability to make other people feel important, the ability to promote a vision and objective, the ability to follow a rule, acceptance of mistakes committed by themselves, avoidance of criticism of others in public, and staying true to action.

The letters of St Paul form a significant part of New Testament.

Famous leaders

Gorbachev oversaw the transition from Communism to democracy in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and allowed the Berlin wall to come down. Nelson Mandela — Anti-apartheid leader. Principle author of Declaration of Independence. A leader willing to give up power, for the sake of his country and people.

He earned the grudging respect of the Crusaders and King Richard I. During the Second World War, he was the Supreme military commander in overseeing the defence of Russia against the invading German army.

People felt he was a sincere and compassionate person. He led the Allied coalition to victory, smoothing over simmering tensions with great political skill.

Thomas Jefferson — 3rd President of US.

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He successfully defeated both internal rebellions and consolidated the Roman Empire defeating the Franks, Alamanni, Visigoths, and Sarmatians. Alexander the Great — BC Tutored by Aristotle, the great philosopher, Alexander the Great emerged as one of the greatest military leaders.

Famous Women Leaders in History These women are inspirational to have fought for the various causes that they believed in and for also fighting gender prejudices along the way. By the age of 30, Alexander had created an Empire which stretched from his Macedonian home to the Himalayas in India.

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She had a religious temperament and credited heavenly voices for her instruction and leadership. These women paved the way for us and have been pathbreakers in their own right.

Spiritual Leaders Jesus Christ c. Initially successful, Boudicca defeated the Romans in minor skirmishes before being defeated.Sep 29,  · im writing a report on leadership but idk who to write about, can u help killarney10mile.com: Resolved.

Famous Leaders in History Who are the most famous leaders who have redefined history?

Famous Leaders

Here is a list of those public figures who have played a prominent role in shaping many important events. Great military leaders – Famous military figures and leaders.

Includes Genghis Khan, Saladin, Alexander the Great, Napoleon and Erwin Rommel. Includes Genghis Khan, Saladin, Alexander the Great, Napoleon and Erwin Rommel. Popular Leadership Books (showing of 1,) The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable (Hardcover) by.

Patrick Lencioni (shelved times as leadership) avg rating —ratings — published Want to Read saving Want to Read Writing Tagged “Leadership”. Books shelved as biography-famous-people: Her Majesty: The Court of Queen Elizabeth II by Robert Hardman, Galileo and Newton by William Bixby, The Kaiser.

Some have used these biographies in writing end-of-year student assessment tests and in lessons for which they charge a fee. If you want to use them for commercial purposes please contact me.

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Written report on famous leaders
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